Owner, Jonathan D. Kessler is a musical inspiration to us all. He grew up in Burlington, MA where he began his love for music at the age of 6 with his very first piano lesson. Since then he has gone on to learn a number of different percussion instruments and still challenges himself to learn more. Having formal training from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, he has excelled in music composition, arranging, music theory, and has developed an ear that is truly astonishing.

Founded in 2010, JD School of Music was first launched when Jonathan saw a need for a “mobile music lesson”. His primary goal was to go to the student, not have them drive to him. With this simple idea in mind, Jonathan set out to start his empire all over Massachusetts. Within a few short years, he was traveling from Maine to Cape Cod!

The ambition and drive Jonathan has to succeed is the same he uses to cheer his students on. What is your musical dream? It’s never to early or late to start. Give us a call today for your FREE TRIAL LESSON!